Autism Biomedical Intervention Coaching


Many neurodivergent children are extremely picky eaters. This often leads to nutritional deficiencies, an imbalanced gut microbiome and undesired health and behavioral outcomes. Together we can work to improve your child’s diet, determine food sensitivities, and restore nutritional imbalances.

Biomedical Protocols

There are a variety of biomedical interventions available but choosing where to start and sticking to them, can be challenging. I can provide you with support and education to understand which may be best suited for your child’s individual needs and coach you on the tools to be successful in implementing them.

Diagnostics and education

Are you hoping to learn the “why” behind many of your child’s behaviors? Navigating through all the information out there can feel daunting. I will provide you with education and help you explore the many diagnostic tools available that can offer insight to the root causes of your child’s individual challenges.

Not a psychiatric disorder

Unfortunately parents are still receiving the same discouraging message as they have been for the last couple of decades: Autism is not treatable and to accept their child’s current state as just who he/she is. They are offered limited options such as psychiatric medications, behavioral, and speech therapy, and told to love their children, and plan ahead for adult living solutions.

“Autism is still classified as strictly a psychiatric disorder, but that’s a diagnostic error. It certainly doesn’t start from emotional problems. It starts from physical harm to the brain. Therefore, it’s actually a neurological disorder. More specifically, it’s a neurotoxic disorder, because it’s caused primarily by the presence of destructive elements that injured the brain: toxic chemicals, viruses, incomplete proteins, inflammation, immune cells that attack the brain. These harmful forces wreak havoc upon the brain, and also cause terrible damage to the rest of the body. They are especially damaging to the very sensitive gastrointestinal system and immune systems of young children. That it why I consider autism to be a three-faceted illness, with direct damage to: the immune system, gastrointestinal system, and the nervous system.” James Neuenschwander, MD, Founder Bio Energy Medical Center, Ann Harbor MI

A root cause comprehensive approach gives Autism remission hope

Fortunately, more than 20 years ago, visionary medical providers such as Dr Sidney Baker and researchers began to investigate nutrient deficiencies, insulin resistance, mitochondrial health, autophagy, neurotrophic factors, metabolic abnormalities, dysregulated immune system, toxicity, overgrowth of gut pathogens, Lyme Disease and other neuro, biological, and nutritional imbalances with diagnostic labs for the purpose of learning how to help place symptoms into remission and restore function.These innovators created a new comprehensive systems biology medical model called Functional Medicine. Patients frequently experience significant improvements by exploring and modifying diet and nutrition, toxic load factors, allergies and sensitivities.

Sidney Baker MDFounder Defeat Autism Now!, and Linus Pauling Award Recipient and Mark Hyman MD, Founder and Director of The UltraWellness Center, Lenox, MA, New York Times Best Selling Author

A coach can help when change can feel overwhelming

Alessandra is trained to collaborate with Functional Medicine Practitioners with a family care plan model that includes the entire family in the healing process. She supports parents with implementing treatment plans, lifestyle and dietary adjustments, navigating appointments and the appropriate questions to address. She guides families with a step-by-step approach, helps identify and prepare for potential roadblocks and meets families where they are at emotionally and spiritually to help minimize feeling overwhelmed and optimize outcomes. She helps parents discover the tools they can rely on to undertake and maintain their family’s healing journey.

If you are not yet working with a Functional Medicine physician, Alessandra can help you identify one in your area that is best suited for your family’s needs.